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Narusaku Doujin - Unreach page 15 by indy-riquez Narusaku Doujin - Unreach page 15 :iconindy-riquez:indy-riquez 109 12 I can see it in your eyes by YukiLilaPudel I can see it in your eyes :iconyukililapudel:YukiLilaPudel 350 29 Naruto's Road To Pimp by StikyfinkaZ-003 Naruto's Road To Pimp :iconstikyfinkaz-003:StikyfinkaZ-003 2,644 569 EroNinja Ch 001 | Who is it? by StikyfinkaZ-003
Mature content
EroNinja Ch 001 | Who is it? :iconstikyfinkaz-003:StikyfinkaZ-003 108 32
NaruIno Seniors
                                NaruIno Seniors, I did have it starting as Freshmen's with NaruSaku, now it's NaruIno :D
Naruto wa late for the 1st day of high school, well being a senior anyway.
Naruto:Damn! I'm so late!
Naruto then bumped into a blonde girl that looked around his age.
Blonde girl:Owww! Watch where your going idiot!
Naruto:WHat the hell.. huh? wait.. Ino?
Ino:Naruto? Is that you?
Ino said as she stood up  looking up and down at him seing his whole body.
Naruto:Hey Ino havent seen ya since freshmen year!
Ino was speechless by how Naurto looked.
Naruto:Uhh Ino?
Ino:Huh? Oh.. yeah.. it is nice weater today..
Naruto:.. Uh huh.. okay.. well we should get going!
Ino:Yeah your right.
The rushed to school but halfway there they started to talk
:iconjtmann:Jtmann 15 4
NaruHina:Look At Me 14
NaruHina: Look At Me
Chapter 14: Me Too
"You look worried." said Hinata, more like a question. They were in Naruto's room, laying down at his bed. They had to hug cuddle since they weren't enough space for two people. They went to his home, they wanted some time to spend alone. "It would be weird if I weren't." he replied. "Why is that?" Hinata couldn't resisted and asked. "I'm scared that one that day you will wake up in your bed and realize the jerk I am." he said. Hinata smiled at him. "Hey, I know the jerk you are. Don't worry." she said, kissing his cheek.
Naruto gave her a painful smile. "I'm scared that I will screw it up. I will hurt you in the end, I'm really afraid." he said, closing his eyes tightly, like he was in pain. Hinata didn't say anything because she knew that he needed to tell that out loud or he wouldn't be relieved. "I don't believe in happily ever after in a ninja's life. I don't believe at long relationships, too." he confused. "You're right to not believe at i
:iconredgirl312:redgirl312 18 50
Our Will of Fire - Chapter 6
Our Will of Fire – A NaruHina Fanfic – Chapter 5 – Preparations
"Anyway", Naruto continued, his tone loosing its enthusiasm, sounding quite grave, "from the looks of that, the group we took out was a scouting party, and Hinata got some information out of a sealed scroll but from what we found out… things aren't looking good."  The group sat silently waiting for him to give them the bad news.  "We're going to be invaded, and not just by sound, they've allied themselves with our old enemies, the cloud and the rock villages.  The attack will take place before the end of the month."
Everyone of the shinobi their with the exception of Hinata and Naruto looked pale as ghosts.  They'd all experience some form of war over the years, all of them had at the chunin exams when sound had first tried to destroy Konoha, not to mention that Kakashi had even fought during the tail end of the Great War.  The fact that there was an impending invasion that
:iconfatal-impulse:Fatal-Impulse 177 323
[4K] Naruto Minimal Mobile Wallpapers Remastered by SL4eva [4K] Naruto Minimal Mobile Wallpapers Remastered :iconsl4eva:SL4eva 119 15
Savin me ch.4
Savin me 10. Into the woods! I'm yours
It was a bright and sunny day, considering it was summer in Konoha. Not a cloud in the sky, which made a certain cloud watcher disappointed. 18 year old Shikamaru Nara was at his special place with a blond woman laying next to him. 21 year old Temari from Suna was looking up at the endless blue sky with a daze look in her green eyes. "Tema-chan." Called out her boyfriend next to her. The blond got up and looked at the deer farmer with a simple smile on her face. "Yes Shika-kun?" The brown haired man looked over at his love and smile. "You wanted to tell me something before we got here right? Care to enlighten me?" Temari looked down with tears coming to her eyes. "W-well you see...Shika-kun umm."
Naruto and Hinata were inside the hospital with Sakura. The three were waiting for the doctor to come in, Hinata was in the only chair, Naruto was next to her with Sakura on the bed, her hand on her large belly. A brown haired woman walked in wearing a st
:iconnaruhina139211:naruhina139211 12 18
NaruHina - The Homecoming
NaruHina – The Homecoming - chapter 1
*Blah blah blah Disclaimer Blah blah, I don't want to own it, maybe co-own it, ya know? So I could write these storys then have someone like Masashi Kishimoto check them over so I could write about the real naruto, that would be awesome, if I made any mistakes O_o;;;*
This story is where the time skip is four years, FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok? Gooooooood…. *looks around*
BlAh blAh bLAh – Thinking
"Blah BLAh bLAh" Talking dur
[FOXES! FOXES!] Hmmmmm…. I wonder….
Hinata's day -
As the Sun rose higher and higher in the sky, Hinata tried to block the blazing light from her eyes. The weather was looking like it would stay that way all day, but for two shinobi, they knew better. Kiba's nose and Shino's bugs knew the weather would turn in to a storm soon, and so they desperately tried to hurry back to the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha. "Come on hinata, we gotta get back before the rain," exclaimed Kiba as they walked down the road. Hinata had stopped to
:iconillaidandarksoul:IllaidanDarksoul 165 31
NaruHina Secret Lovers: Ch 3 by Kyoshi-M NaruHina Secret Lovers: Ch 3 :iconkyoshi-m:Kyoshi-M 159 133 Naruto Tensei -Chap 7 -Page 20 by nekoni Naruto Tensei -Chap 7 -Page 20 :iconnekoni:nekoni 174 70
Demon's hearts ch.2
Demon's hearts togather ch.2
[Ok to start off with im not a good speller and have no spellchecker so to bad.I'm also not a good wrighter so if its bad then leave a comment but just so u know i dont care what u say.
I'm wrighting this becouse i got randome insperation after reading ch.1 that fore some reason caused me to write and thats y im doing this.I dont know were ill take the story or any thang like that
so buggeroff if u dont like it. also this is just a small chapter to get started with.]
Disclamer: I dont own naruto.
As neji returend to his room he was bewilderd to see a round white eyed red and black 4 tailed creture running around the hyuuga grounds.With a bit of astonishment and terror in his eyes he did not
know what to think or make of what he saw.
Naruto lay asleep on the flore neji had long since left the room.Inside his head
:icondragon2234:Dragon2234 4 5
Narusaku are you sure part 1
I want everyone to listen to me clearly this is a new series i am stopping the narusaku school series yell at me all you want in the comments then tell me about this story. Sakura dosent know naruto and there all 15
A pink haired girl walked down konoha thinking about her crush.It was sasuke.And she wasnt sure she had a crush on him any more."Ok now that i dont have a crush on sasuke im going to try someone else." sakura thought to herself.Just then something happened she thought of all the boys shes been with."I pick...."she started.Just then she saw sasuke and a blond haired boy laughing.
"Hey sasuke-kun." she yelled."Hey sakura." he said.Sakura looked from sasuke to the blond boy and back to sasuke."Who is this?"she asked."This is my new friend naruto he just got back from training for 10 years!"sasuke said."Hi." naruto said."Hi." she said back.She eyed naurto up and down and sasuke looked at her funny."Hmm i wonder..
:iconoturan123456:oturan123456 9 17
narusaku konoha school part 1
"Oh snap what time is it?" naruto said as he woke up "oh snap oturan we gotta go." "I know im not stupid" i answered "The lets go!"he yelled back  
"hey guys did you know that there are 2 new students coming today" ino said to her friends "yeah i wonder who they are?" tenten replied "Probably another loser Sasuke is the only cool guy in the whole high school"sakura said * "Wow this is a big school hard to believe where going to learn here."naruto said "no kidding" i answered "hello you to must be the new kids." someone said to us, "yeah im oturan and thats naruto we just got back from training for three years." i said "oh ok well im neji follow me i want you to meet some people." "hey look are they the new kids?"ino asked "i think so" said temari. 'wow the one with the blond hair is kinda cute i better watch this one' sakura thought. "ok that over there is shikamaru and that is temari and that is sasuke he is kin
:iconoturan123456:oturan123456 20 4
Mature content
NaruSaku - Burdens Ch. 2 :iconjoecoool:JoeCoool 74 127


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